Your A&G Marketing team  consists of a right-sized group of professionals who apply their experience and know-how to solve simple and not-so-simple problems our clients face. Our flat company architecture means clients don’t pay for low-value services. No junior “account people” acting as intermediaries, and no excessive overhead taking large bites out of your marketing budget.

Instead, you get resourceful people who collaborate to deliver the results clients deserve.

And when a client needs require specific or unusual levels of expertise, A&G has a broad stable of experts around the country, people we’ve worked with, who can be trusted to do what’s needed.

We won’t waste your time with unnecessary (and non-valuable) busy work. Rather we’ll focus attention on doing the work you need.

Oh, and some clients have asked us, rather sheepishly, if we’d be willing to work in a subordinate role with their lead agency, a question to which we reply, “Of course!” We understand that brands and businesses rely on a whole host of consultants. And we’re perfectly happy to play a role as part of a larger team. (In fact, some of our best clients are agencies that find need our online expertise more affordable than building those capabilities themselves.)

Founder Angie Commorato graduated with a degree in Computer Information Systems from Purdue University. Even before graduating, she started working in a new space, developing online catalogs and selling products via an emerging technology.

Today we know that as e-commerce, but in the late ‘90s, that concept wasn’t widely understood. In those days, Amazon sold books. And eBay was an online auction site.

Building websites that featured – and sold – products required intricate knowledge of programming since browsing as we know it today simply didn’t exist. a&g – a subtle shorthand spelling of “Angie” – was born to deliver solutions in this rapidly evolving space.

Clients with whom we proudly work reflect a broad range of brands, businesses and not-for-profits. Each project, each client and each business category help keep us fresh as we discover innovative ways to help people solve problems.

The greatest compliment we receive is the number of clients who we get to work with, program after program, year after year. These lasting relationships are particularly rewarding as we watch our clients reap the rewards of their investment.

The number of referrals our clients make, sending friends and associates to us, is what keeps our business growing.

Our broad range of experience means that unless you’re introducing a brand-new product category or technology, chances are good we have relevant experience. And in the unlikely case that it is something new to us, rest assured that we’re quick learners, eager to digest the details and intricate nuances that make your product or company unique.

And even if we’ve never heard of your business or category, we’ve likely learned something you’ll find valuable in your unique niche.